Fidel Duran is a media production industry veteran with over 25 years of experience.

Since his beginnings as a creative scriptwriter to his last projects producing primetime shows in the US market, Fidel has worked with several first class media corporations like Comcast, NBCUniversal, Endemol or Fremantle in Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, México, U.K., Turkey, Dominican Republic and the United States of America.


I had the unique opportunity to work with the most important global creative teams in the history of media: the Endemol Creative Unit and Fremantle Global Entertainment. Working with these ladies and gentlemen, being part of those global development armies is what made me understand the power of creativity in the media industry. For that, and for all those wonderful years, I am beyond grateful.

Fidel Duran

Now our mission is to put DURANVISION Media Corp, DURANVISION S.L. and BRIGHTER FUTURE FORMATS at the forefront of content development, following the latest trends of content consumption, seizing on opportunities that the process of change will bring.


Madrid, Madrid (SPAIN)
Miami Beach, Florida (EE.UU)