Duranvision owns a large catalogue of formats.
Here you can see some examples.

Animals in the Family

1 hour animal docushow for the whole family.
A TV pet show from the animals point of view.

The Revolving Door

2 hour primetime emotainment show.
Life is filled with surprises and here tears will have a sweet taste.

My Farm is the Best

1 hour reality show.
2 farmers compete to show whose farm is better.

Sex Teachers

1 hour SEX docushow.
Two women, a sexologist and a porn actress, teach real couples how to make love.

Blue Crush

2 hour reality dating show.
Love, passion and courage amongst the waves.

Snitches with Smartphone

1 hour investigation show.
The snitches now work for us.

This one is for You

30 minutes musical emotainment.
7 minutes QUIBI version available. Just tell your love ones with music why you love them.

A Boyfriend for Grandma

2 hour reality dating show.
Grandma needs a boyfriend and all the family is ready to help.

The Animal Night

2 hour primetime animal show.
A variety show where all the real stars are animals.

Brighter Future Formats

BFF is a development brand focused in creating new media products that will help to make the world a better place.

All the formats under this label will promote environmental awareness, creativity enrichment, engineering and robotics, the power of kindness, the conquer of space, with the main objective of becoming entertainment shows that are constructive and competitive at the same time.

In order to get more information about these formats please contact our executives.

To unlock the rest of the catalogue and to get full access to our main bank and to the Brigther Future Formats, please get it touch with our executives.


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