As a full-service media company built for the now, we’ve grown our practices on what will drive results in today’s broadcast landscape.

Strategy, distribution, and innovation is what makes the difference.

→ Smart production.

We produce all kind of media all over the world.

Our smart production strategy is based on choosing the right business partners, hiring the best above-the-line teams and optimizing production resources to maximize profit.

→ Executive production of world class formats internationally.

Just tell us the name of the format and the market that is going to hit and we will provide the tools for success.

After managing, improving and turning into successes big formats like Big Brother, Top Chef, The Voice, Blind Faith, Exatlon or MasterChef, among others, our executives are ready to lead and protect your license investment.

We will adapt the format to your market and help you to keep your production under control and inside the budget anywhere in the planet.

→ Casting services.

Lets us find the perfect contestants for your reality show or your gameshow.

· Direct casting.
· Online casting.
· On location casting.
· Final selection.

A la carte format development.

What type/genre of show are you looking for? What’s your audience profile and your core target? What is the length and frequency of your airing and its time slot or which platform are you planning on streaming it? What is your ballpark budget?

Answer these simple questions and we will present you different options with its creative developments adapted to the production cost per hour of your market.

→ Above the line team creation and management.

We know how critical and hard is to find the proper creative team once your project gets the green light. That is why we have selected a group of media professionals specialized in specific formats or genres.

· Executive Producers
· Co-executives
· Line Producers.
· Creative Directors.
· Writers.
· Content Producers.
· Directors.

→ Production consultancies.

As experts in different, formats, genres, markets, production design, production hubs, territories; we can provide you with consultancies that will help you to get going with your project or to make the best decisions.

→ Production crisis management.

Sometimes productions crash and it is very tough to put them back in the right path. It could be a ratings matter, a labor matter, a casting matter, the need of doing changes for a second season; manythings.

If you do have a crisis in your production we can help you.

We believe it does always worth a try to fix it.

→ Rough cuts correction.

Once your content team and your editing team finalizes the rough cut of an episode it is crucial to make the right adjustments in order to get the best fine cut and final cuts possible.

We have experts in all formats available to send you the best notes to improve your cut.

→ Creative development of events.

Whether your event needs a creative development, a production design, a production management or all of three, we are ready to help you.

Check out our event Surf Music and Friends.

→ Long term deals.

Some media companies cannot afford a proper development department because it is too expensive for them to maintain it. If this is your case, we can offer you affordable year round packages with or without exclusivity for your market.

That would include a selected group of services from our catalogue and anything else you need.

Looking for a creative partner? Let’s talk.


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